Andalucia, Information on Andalucia, Spain, Europe


Information on Andalucia, Spain, Europe


Andalucia has been prized throughout history for it's beauty, as well as the geographical diversity that it offers. This is represented today by the mix of cultures present, and because it is one of the world's premier tourist destinations.

As Spain's second largest autonomous region Andalucia offers an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches and rocky coves, numerous mountainous areas including a ski resort and Europe's second highest peak, as well as protected nature reserves and other natural wonders.

It's climate is one of Europe's warmest, with low rainfall and very mild winters. This has resulted in parts of the region being used as a sporting mecca, especially for professional golfers and European sports clubs who use it as a winter training ground.

Finally, due to its long lasting popularity and prosperity, Andalucia is the location for many of Spain's most impressive historic attractions and it's greatest cities.

Coastlines of Andalucia

Andalucia offers a geographically diverse and stunning coastline, much of which is set by a beautiful mountainous backdrop. Please see the below links for information on Andalucia's coastal regions.


Regions of Andalucia

The autonomous region of Andalucia incorporates a number of important Spanish provinces. These provincial areas are governed by capital cities of the same name, many of which are amongst Spain's premier city break destinations. Please see the below links for additional information.


Andalucia Tourist Office

TEL         +34 951 299300 / 901 200020

FAX         +34 951 299316


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Andalucia, Information on Andalucia, Spain, Europe


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