Andorra, Information on Andorra, Europe


Information on Andorra, Europe


Andorra is a small state in the eastern Pyrenees mountains that is sandwiched between France & Spain. Once impoverished due to its isolation the country has boomed in recent times due to the opening of ski slopes & activity/nature based resorts to attract tourism, & its reputation as a tax haven.

However it is skiing that Andorra is best known for with facilities to practice this & other snowbound activities in abundance. It's facilities include three ski stations/resorts boasting between them 174 slopes meauring 282 kilometres. The best way to get to the region is by coach, as the landscape only allows for road/helicopter access. See below for more information on travelling to the area.

Geography & Facts

The state of Andorra measures just 468 km². It's resident population stands at around 70,000 (in 2006) with native Andorrans in the minority at 33% of the population. The majority are Spanish (43%), with smaller ethnic groups such as Portuguese (11%) & French (7%). As such the native language here is Catalan Spanish, though Castilian Spanish, Portuguese, & French are also spoken. The form of currency used here is the Euro. Approximately 10 million people visit the region every year.

Until recently Andorra has been ruled jointly for 700 years by the French head of state & the bishop of the Spanish town of Urgel. This bizarre arrangement (a hangover from feudal land rights) was finally restructured in 1993, leaving Andorra with a democratically elected government. The two former joint heads of state are still represented & retain their titles of Co-Prince of Andorra, though their role is today almost entirely ceremonial.

Getting around

Due to the mountainous terrain the best (& in most cases only) way to travel in Andorra is by road. Thus for the majority of visitors buses & coaches are the main source of transport. Those travelling to Andorra can expect shuttle services operating from nearby (major) Spanish & French cities. However if you are traveling the initial stage of your journey by air the easiest places to fly to are either Barcelona or Girona airports.


Though there are some simple dishes attributed to the Andorra region the basis of it's cuisine is that of Catalan Spain. International flavors are also served in its many hotels & other establishments.


Visitors to Andorra can enjoy the benefits of purchasing duty free goods. Of course allowances apply so either check at the airport or contact the tourist office using the details provided below.


Those visiting Andorra during the summer months can enjoy temperatures as high as 26°C in the valleys, though be warned the nights can still get cold at altitude. Winter temperatures tend to average out at between 1 & 6°C. Snow fall is regular during the winter season with most of Andorra's ski resorts open from the 1st weekend in December until the end of Easter.

Andorra Tourist Office

TEL       +376 875702

FAX       +376 860184

Ski Andorra Office

TEL       +376 805200

FAX       +376 865910

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Andorra, Information on Andorra, Europe


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