Cordoba Fiestas, Fiestas in Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Cordoba Fiestas

Fiestas in Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Cordoba Fiestas

As a city of great standing and tradition Cordoba's fiestas are among the best in Spain. There are many fiestas throughout its calendar, some larger than others. Below we list some of the most popular events.


Easter week is celebrated in a bigger way in Andalucia than in the rest of the country. Neighbouring towns/cities compete with one another in terms of the size and grandeur of events. Festivities in Cordoba take the obvious religious undertones, but with processions consisting of many floats and penitents, and much more. The festivities last the full week with events culminating on the Friday with a huge candlelit procession at dawn.

The Cordoba Fair takes place in late May and lasts a total of 9 days. It is one of the city's most grand events leaving it's central streets empty as all those able travel to the public fairground area on the south-east extremity of Cordoba. Although the site does host a large fairground with many stalls and attractions the main draw are the Casetas; a large collection of often traditionally decorated marqees erected for the event, offering food, drink, music, and dancing. Many of Cordoba's Casetas are free, which is unusual in large cities.


Precise dates cannot be given for many of the above festivities due to ever changing dates. The best advice we can give for those planning their holiday at fiesta time is to contact the relevant tourist office.

Cordoba Tourist Office

TEL     +34 957 491678

FAX     +34 957 475485


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Cordoba Fiestas, Fiestas in Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

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