Costa De La Luz Car Hire - Car Hire in Costa De La Luz Spain

Costa De La Luz Car Hire

Car Hire in Costa De La Luz Spain

Costa De La Luz Car Hire

The below Costa De La Luz Car Hire link provide highly competitive prices as the directory search multiple well known International Companies, with one search engine. 

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Car hire is generally cheaper than in England as statistically there are more tourists.  Driving in Spain is similar to driving in any other country in Europe.  It is advisable to book early in Costa De La Luz especially during peak season to avoid disappointment. 

Fuel: petrol is much cheaper that in England, most stations are self service although some still have an attendant 

Air-conditioning: from April till October it can get really uncomfortably hot in a car,  upgrading to have air-conditioning often costs as little a £1 per day

Spanish law:

  • You must carry your original Driving license, car, and insurance documentation at all times

  • Front and back seat belts are to be worn at all times 

  • 2 warning triangles are to be kept in the boot at all times along with a florescent jacket for safety in the event of a breakdown

  • Use of mobile phones are banned unless you have a hands free kit

  • The alcohol limit is under 50mg or 100ml in the blood at anytime

  • Children who are 12 years or younger are not permitted to sit in the front of the car or on a motorbike

Spanish speed limits:

  • 120km motorway

  • 100km dual carriageway

  • 90km single carriageway

  • 50km towns 

Baby/Child Seat: child seats are available from almost all car hire companies for a minimal charge

Extra Drivers: if you would like more than one person to be insured on the car remember to request this at the car hire office when you pick up the car in Costa De La Luz

Costa De La Luz Tourist Office

If there is any tourist information we have not provided on Costa De La Luz please do not hesitate to contact the Costa De La Luz Tourist Office directly on telephone 0034 956 134 261.

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Costa De La Luz Car Hire

Car Hire in Costa De La Luz Spain

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