Costa Dorada Attractions, Attractions in Costa Dorada, Catalonia, Spain, Europe

Costa Dorada Attractions

Attractions in Costa Dorada, Catalonia, Spain, Europe

Costa Dorada Attractions

The Costa Dorada boasts a wealth of attractions to offer it's visitors. They range from historic attractions emanating from it's ancient cities, cultural attractions as a result of it's modernist & artistic background, & more hedonistic attractions to entertain the millions of tourists that flock the the Costa Dorada every summer. Please see the below links for more information on its offerings.


Fortuny Theatre

The Fortuny Theatre in Reus is considered by many to be among the best in Spain. Built in 1882 in Baroque style the theatre is a very sumptuous & elegant construct, both inside & out...

Bartrina Theatre

The Bartrina Theatre in Reus is a recently renovated construct completed in 1996. Since it's re-opening it has been tremendously popular amongst locals & visitors alike...

Archaeological Museum Tarragona

The Archaeological museum in Tarragona is the oldest museum in Catalonia; it is also one of it's best. Its vast collections have grown naturally since it's inception 150 years ago...

Museum of Modern Art Tarragona

Tarragona's Museum of Modern Art has been open since 1976. It can be found on Calle Santa-Ana, which is just north-east of the Archaeological museum & in the direction of the Jewish quarter...

Railway Museum Sitges

The railway (or railroad) museum is not located in Sitges itself. Instead it occupies the old 19th century steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltru...

Romantic Museum Sitges

The later part of the 19th century was a time of incredible economic prosperity in Catalonia. This brought about a cultural renaissance which directly affected Sitges...

Maricel Museum Sitges

The Maricel museum is housed in a 14th century hospital building given a modernist appearance by the architect Miguel Utrillo. It is home to a collection of art...

Cau Ferrat Museum Sitges

The Cau Ferrat museum offers it's visitors a varied collection of artefacts, including many paintings & sculptures. Within it's walls it is possible to view works by Picasso & Rusinol...

History Museum

Cambrils' History Museum (otherwise known as the Museo Moli de les Tres Eres) is in a central location...

Maritime Museum

Cambrils' Maritime Museum is housed in the old watchtower that looks out over the port area...

Hermitage Tower Museum

The Hermitage Tower Museum is situated in the grounds of the Hermitage of Maria de Mer del Cami in Cambrils...

Roman Villa of La Llosa

Cambrils has its own Roman ruins known as the Roman Villa La Llosa. From the archaeological remains discovered here...

Church of Santa Maria

The Church of Santa Maria in Cambrils was first built at the end of the 12th century though added to & altered many times...

Vilafortuny Castle

Though the origins of Cambrils' Vilafortuny Castle are unknown it is thought to have been constructed during the 12th century...

Central Park

Salou's main park is in a central part of the town. Once a campsite local government have transformed it into a shady oasis...

Torre Vella

Salou's Torre Vella was originally constructed to act as a watch tower & defensive fortification for the town...

Roman Walls

The remains of the walls of ancient Tarraco (Roman Tarragona) can still be seen in many central parts of the city...

Scipio Funeral Monument

The Scipio Funeral Monument is situated around 3 kilometres from Tarragona in the direction of Barcelona...

Roman Forum

Tarragona's Roman Forum is basically a square. However in it's day it was a central marketplace flanked on all sides...

Roman Circus Maximus

Tarragona's Circus Maximus was an entertainment venue hosting a variety of events, the most famous of which was chariot racing...

Roman Aqueduct

Tarragona's Roman Aqueduct is a well preserved example of a classical Roman aqueduct dating from the 1st century AD...

Roman Amphitheatre

Tarragona's Roman Amphitheater was constructed in the 2nd century AD, as the settlement of Tarraco (Tarragona) grew...

Tarragona Cathedral

Tarragona's Cathedral dates from the 12th century, & was built on the site of a former Christian basilica...


Costa Dorada Tourist Offices

Tarragona     +34 977 250795

Reus            +34 977 744624

Sitges          +34 938 945004

Salou           +34 977 744624


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Costa Dorada Attractions, Attractions in Costa Dorada, Catalonia, Spain, Europe


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