Gran Canaria Shopping - Shopping in Gran Canaria Spain

Gran Canaria Shopping

Shopping in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Shopping

Gran Canaria along with the other Canary Islands has managed to keep their status of lower import tax and VAT rates - duty free, so if you are looking to buy tobacco, wines, spirits, perfumes and maybe some electrical goods, look no further as they are much cheaper here than in other EU countries! But please remember unlike other European Union Countries, there is a strict limit to the amount that you are allowed to export out of Gran Canaria into the UK and other EU countries!

The Limits are: 1 litre of spirits, 2 litres of wine and 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.

If you are looking to do some serious shopping whilst staying in Gran Canaria on your holidays the Capital of the island, Las Palmas is without a doubt Gran Canaria’s largest commercial centre. You will find all the major chain and franchise stores here, on a Spanish and International level. Las Arenas, located near the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and La Ballena situated in the upper town are the two biggest shopping centres in Las Palmas. The traditional Avenida Mesa y Lopéz, which is situated near Santa Catalina Park is also known as ‘zona comercial’, this is where you will find two branches of the famous El Corte Inglés chain which are located here. The Calle Mayor de Triana, is in the heart of the old Triana district, it has a medley of shops, ranging from tiny fabric stores to old-fashioned tobacconists and international franchise outlets. At Muelle Santa Catalina, is El Muelle which is the newest shopping mall here it has a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafés and even a cinema and discos!

Down in the South you will find along the coastal tourist resorts the usual electrical goods and popular souvenir shops, as well clothes and imported food and drink. Here you will also find a lot of local craft shops sell the local pottery and hand made banana leaves baskets, embroidery and pottery. Also here you will find the shopping centres of Playa del Inglés, the best known are probably Yumbo and Kasbah, but the biggest is Cita, these are busy seven days a week! You will be able to find cheap good's here but they are not always of high quality!

If you, like me like the markets for a good haggle and great bargain there are plenty across the island of Gran Canaria...Make sure you try to barter as it makes that bargain even more satisfying!!! Markets that are found in tourist areas in the South are normally aimed at the tourism market selling, souvenirs and gifts, but around the island you will also find markets that provide for the local inhabitants, with the local farmers and produce makers selling their trade, such as local cheese's and confectionery! The markets are always a great day out to have a wander around and look even if you aren't planning on buying anything!

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Gran Canaria Shopping - Shopping in Gran Canaria Spain

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Gran Canaria Shopping - Shopping in Gran Canaria Spain. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. Gran Canaria holidays.