Granada Fiestas, Fiestas in Granada, Costa Tropical, Spain

Granada Fiestas

Fiestas in Granada, Costa Tropical, Spain

Granada Fiestas

As the provincial capital & a site of great historic events Granada's fiestas are often some of the best in Andalucia. There are many fiestas throughout its calendar, some larger than others. Here we list some of the more popular events to look out for:-


On January 1st & 2nd Granada celebrates the fiesta of La Toma, commemorating the entry of the city after defeating the Moors by the Catholic monarchs; Queen Isabella of Castille & King Ferdinand of Aragon. The locals dress up in Moorish/Christian costume & there are colourful processions & fireworks. It is traditional for the young people to climb up the Torre de la Vela to ring the bell.

In the week before lent Granada celebrates its Carnival. This event is hosted in many Andalucian towns & comprises many street processions, accompanied by much music & dancing. Food & drink are also in full flow.

Easter week is celebrated in a bigger way in Andalucia than in the rest of the country. Neighbouring towns compete with one another in terms of the size & grandeur of events. Festivities in Granada take the obvious religious undertones, but with processions consisting of many floats & penitents, & much more. The festivities last the full week with events culminating on the Friday with a huge candlelight procession at dawn. In contrast Easter Sunday tends to be a day spent with the family.

Running for 8 days in the month of June is the Corpus Christi celebration. Though celebrated throughout Andalucia events in Granada are among the best. The fiesta begins with a feast day, followed by three major processions along streets strewn with sweet smelling Cyprus branches & flowers. Much street dancing ensues alongside many other spectacles.

Another popular fiesta is Las Hogueras de San Juan (Bonfires/Feast of St. John) on the 23rd & 24th of June. Bonfires are lit in the main squares & huge papier-mâché effigies are burnt upon them accompanied by fireworks. This is a fun festival with lots of eating, drinking & dancing. Be prepared to stay up late. 


Precise dates cannot be given for many of the above festivities due to ever changing dates. The best advice we can give for those planning their holiday at fiesta time is to contact the relevant tourist office.

Granada Tourist Offices

Telephone       +34 958 225217

Fax                +34 958 223174


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Granada Fiestas, Fiestas in Granada, Costa Tropical, Spain

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