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Ibiza is protected by World Heritage (UNESCO).  Not surprisingly with its many sights; cathedrals, ruins, and quaint traditional fishing villages to name a few.  Throughout the countryside there is an incessant fragrance of pine, and many orange, olive, almond, and fig groves.  Stunning rolling hills, overlooking the cobalt blue Mediterranean sea, and picturesque beaches.  There is plenty of fresh decent food; everything from a effortless tortilla (Spanish omelette) to hand picked fresh lobster.  Please see Ibiza Tourism for more details. 

There are so great days out in Ibiza ranging from; Bungee Jumping, to Abseiling, Deep Sea Fishing, a relaxing day in the Health Spa, cross country Horse Riding, Mountain Bike riding up the mountains, Parascending over the Med, or Scuba Diving in the Med.  On a more cultural note there is the Museum of Archaeology, the Castle in Ibiza Town, Historical Ruins from the Arabs everywhere, Markets, the C'an Marça Caves with their with stalagmites and stalactites, or the Ses Fontanelles Caves famous for cave paintings dating back to the Bronze age.  Please see Ibiza Theme Parks for more information.

Ibiza also has Europe's most prominent nightclubs.  Annually thousand of clubbers flock to the Island.  Es Paradis opens at the end of May, Space on the first Sunday June, Amnesia on the second week June, Manumission and Cream on the last week June, so on and so forth, all of the bars and clubs stagger closing throughout September.  There are three main areas to Ibiza night life; the harbour, San Antonio West End, and Sunset Strip.  There are no dress codes in the bars and clubs, people generally dress up, and the more outrageous outfits often get in free of charge.  Clubs are open from 00.00-06.00 and the queues are huge from 01.30-03.00. 

Ibiza Island is around 40km in length with over 50 beaches stretching 18km.  So there is something for everyone, depending on your mood for the day you could visit a bustling beach with many water sports, or a tranquil setting for a good book and sun worshipping!  The waters in Ibiza are amongst the cleanest in the Mediterranean, many are continuously  awarded EEC Blue Flags.  Santa Antonio Bay beach is where the famous Cafe del Mar bar is located and many of the other sunset bars are with their fabulous chill out music.  Please see Ibiza Beaches for more information.

There are a multitude of fiestas in Ibiza each year and the locals are very welcoming to tourists that want to join in.  I would very much recommend going to a Fiesta during your stay in Ibiza, as they really know how to party.  A typical Ibiza Fiesta is celebrated annually and usually local businesses close, the roads are blocked off, and a street party is set up with food, drink and music in abundance.  People of all ages join the party in singing and dancing. Then in the evening the there is usually a fair ground, and often on the last night there will be a fireworks display.  Please see Ibiza Fiestas for more information.

There are two water parks in Ibiza the larger one is Aguamar Water Park, Aguamar is located in Playa Den Bossa.  10mins from the airport and Ibiza town, or 15mins by bus.  Open from mid June to mid October with tones to do for all ages.  For additional information please see our Ibiza Water Parks page.

Whether visiting Ibiza for a wild week away with friends, or a relaxing break with the  family, this Island will ensure you have fun.

If there is any information we have not managed to provide on Ibiza please do not hesitate to contact the Ibiza Tourist Office directly on telephone number 0034 971 30 19 00.

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Ibiza Holidays

Package Holidays in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

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