Madrid Cafes - Restaurants and Cafes in Madrid Spain

Madrid Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes in Madrid Spain

Madrid Cafes

Cafes are very popular in Madrid and there are hundreds upon hundreds.  In cafes you can predominantly purchase coffee in several different varieties, tapas, pastries, and wine and beer.  Simply grab a newspaper, order a coffee, and relax, or people watch.  Cafes are open into the early hours of the morning, and the locals often make a cafe the last destination on a night out.  Some people go to cafes to hang out with intellects and Artists.  Following are a selection of Cafes in Madrid:

Antik Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Antik, De Hortaleza 4, Centro, 28004, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Gran Via Calle

  • Description: a cosy traditional favorite close to Gran Via

Central Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Central, Plaza del Angel 10, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Sol

  • Description: always has a jazz band on at night

Chocolateria San Gines Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Chocolateria San Gines, Pasadizo de San Gines 11, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Opera/Sol

  • Description: as you'd imagine chocolate heaven

Circulo de Bellas Artes Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Circulo de Bellas Artes, Calle Alcala 42, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Banco de Espana

  • Description: centrally situated within an impressive traditional building there is a small entrance fee and as the name leads you to believe it is a popular place with artists, highly recommended

Commercial Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Commercial, Glorieta de Bilbao 7, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Bilbao

  • Description: established since 1880 and run by the same family for around one hundred years high recommended

Drop and Drag Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Drop and Drag, Calle De Augusto Figueroa 7, Centro, 28004, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Chueca

  • Description: cafe with internet access

Gijon Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Gijon, Paseo Recoletos 21, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Banco de Espana or Colon

  • Description: centrally situated on the Paseo the outside terrace (terraza) is very pleasant on a summers day

La Mallorquina Cafe

  • Address: Cafe La Mallorquina, Puerto del Sol 8, Mayor 2, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Sol

  • Description: renowned for its vintage bakery making the best pastries around

Nuevo Barbieri Cafe

  • Address: Cafe Nuevo Barbieri, Calle Ave Maria 45, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Lavapies

  • Description: great night cafe a real mixture of chic and shabby

Oriente Cafe

  • Address: Cafe de Oriente, Plaza Oriente 2, Madrid, Spain

  • Metro: Opera

  • Description: overlooking the Palace and Plaza Oriente an exceptionally good spot

Follow are some Spanish translation which should help in Madrid Cafes:

  • Coffee - Cafe

  • Latte - Cafe con leche

  • White Coffee - Cafe cortado

  • Black Coffee - Cafe negro

  • Cold Coffee horchata - Cafe blanco y negro

  • Beer - Cerveza

  • Please can I have the bill - La Cuenta

  • Do you have - Tienes

  • Menu - La carta

  • Red Wine - Vino Tinto

  • White Wine - Vino Blanco

  • Rose Wine - Vino Rosado

  • Sparkling Water - Agua Con Gas

  • Still Water - Agua Sin Gas

  • Please - Por favor

  • Thank you - Gracias

Madrid Tourist Office

If there is any tourist information we have not provided on Madrid please contact the Madrid Tourist Office directly on 0034 915 881 636 or 0034 913 665 477.

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Madrid Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes in Madrid Spain


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