Madrid Eating Out - Eating Out in Madrid Spain

Madrid Eating Out

Eating Out in Madrid Spain

Madrid Eating Out

Eating out in Madrid is quite simply fun.  There are restaurants serving foods from all over Spain, and most countries in the world.  The vast majority of eateries in Madrid are children friendly.  Following are guides to eating out in Madrid restaurants, cafes, and tapas bars:

Madrid Restaurants

There are numerous types of Spanish restaurants due to the Madrilenos virtually all being Spanish immigrants so you can sample tastes from all over the country, plus many world food restaurants, the only area Madrid restaurants lack in is Vegetarian.  The vast majority of Madrid Restaurants and Madrid Cafes are children friendly.  Here are a selection of good Spanish Restaurants in Madrid:

Madrid Cafes

Cafes are very popular in Madrid and there are hundreds upon hundreds.  In cafes you can predominantly purchase coffee in several different varieties, tapas, pastries, and wine and beer.  Simply grab a newspaper, order a coffee, and relax, or people watch.  Cafes are open into the early hours of the morning, and the locals often make a cafe the last destination on a night out.  Some people go to cafes to hang out with intellects and Artists.  Following are a selection of Cafes in Madrid:

Madrid Tapas

There are an abundance of tapas bars in Madrid, and being the capital of the country that invented tapas they are good.  Tapas can come in all sorts of varieties, usually on a small plate a selection of nibbles whilst having a drink as a snack, light lunch, or instead of a starter.  Invented by the Spanish this world renowned way of eating has to be tried at the capital city of origin.  Typical tapas dishes are potatoes in alioli (alioli is garlic mayonnaise), jamon (cured Spanish Ham), cheese, almonds, tortilla (omelette with potatoes) olives, fried squid, and bread.  A Tapas menu is never ending as the definition is open to any food, these are simply typical examples.  Here are a selection of good Spanish tapas bars in Madrid:

Madrid Tourist Office

If there is any tourist information we have not provided on Madrid please contact the Madrid Tourist Office directly on 0034 915 881 636 or 0034 913 665 477.

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Madrid Eating Out

Eating Out in Madrid Spain


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