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Puerto de Las Nieves is one mile west of the resort, Agaete and is Agaete's harbour. From Puerto de Las Nieves you will be able to get to Santa de la Cruz in Tenerife, which has made the resort become increasingly popular with tourists since the opening of the ferry line. The new promenade in Puerto de las Nieves, Paseo de los Poetas was built as an investment to tourism and is lined with lovely seafood restaurants, shops and galleries.

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Nightlife in Puerto de Las Nieves is more sophisticated and if you are looking to paint the town red - you will not find that nightlife here!!! Although what you will find is lovely restaurants and bars along the harbour and promenade in in the little town squares where you can sit until the early hours people watching and daydreaming!

Puerto de la Nieves, port has historical features which can be found in the lovely little chapel, Ermita de las Nieves. Here a 16th-century triptych depicting the Virgin and Child, painted by the famous Flemish artist Joost van Cleve can be found!

Also the Dedo de Dios - which means God’s Finger, is located at the southern end of the village it is a great photographic opportunity - a 100 ft slender pinnacle of basalt rock that protrudes in front of the impressive rock formations, that are below the Pine forest - Pinar de Tamadaba.

If you are planning or looking for more of an active holiday there are plenty of places for you to visit and things to do in Gran Canaria! Including the Water parks, of which there are three all located in the south of the Island and close by to the resort, Aquasur, Ocean Park and Aqua Park. There is also theme and amusement parks, which include; Palmitos Park which is a subtropical oasis and Zoo, Holiday World which is a leisure and amusement park and Mundo Aborigen Located overlooking the Barranco de Fataga, which is the biggest and most dramatic gorge on the island, The Mundo Aborigen is a reconstruction of an ancient Canary village devoted entirely to the Guanche way of life. Cocodrilo Park - a Crocodile Park, this is a park that is devoted to adopting ill treated animals, buying them privately and from circuses, it started with just a few crocodile and now they have the  largest collections in Europe! Among the animals are also, Monkeys and Tigers, it is family run and its proceeds from the entry fee go to the upkeep of the park! Cactualdea - a cactus park, Reptilandia Park - Reptile Park, Pueblo Canario - a Canary Village, where you can experience true Canarian Culture.

Reptilandia Park - Is a Reptile Park with more than a 150 species of reptiles in big outdoor terrariums plus three different indoor exhibition rooms. Animals include snakes, lizards, frogs, iguanas, tortoises, crocodiles, caimans and alligators. It also hosts tarantulas, scorpions as well as monkeys, lemurs and parrots plus many more...Reptilandia Park is all year round, daily from 11am till 5.30pm. It is located in Parque Rural de Amagro – between Gáldar and Agaete

Other Tourist Attractions on the island of Gran Canaria include Museums, Monuments and Historical Architectural buildings that are extremely impressive , Churches, Botanical Gardens, more theme parks and lots lots more! There is also water sports and Whale and Dolphin excursions like many of the other Canary Islands! When visiting Gran Canaria it is a must to go exploring the island you will see many wonderful views and scenery, in the mountains, forests, coastal and spectacular beaches or sand dunes!

All of these fantastic days our and sightseeing tourist attractions are easily accessible from Puerto de las Nieves, whether you hire a car and explore in your own private group or perhaps take an excursion, which you can organise through a tour operator or it is easy to find a company that does this in the centre of the resort.

There are Apartments and villas that available to rent for your holiday, in Puerto de las Nieves, whether you are looking for a  basic property somewhere just to lay your head a night or luxurious with an abundance of facilities! Properties range in size and shape, from studio's or one bedroom apartments, if there are just the two of you to three bedroom - normally sleeping up 8 if your taking the family or going in a big group, or one bedroom villas and bungalows up to 6 bedroom villas!

There are Companies that rent these properties out, but also there is private rentals, where people that have bought the property for holiday homes and when they are not there using it they will rent it out for your exclusive use! Some of these properties can be set in privately owned complexes, where locals live! Most come with communal swimming pools too, and these are normally quieter due to the fact it isn't full of holiday makers and is more residencial. A word of warning though these are quieter and normally better for families or older groups than the young tourists!!!

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 Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Puerto de las Nieves in Gran Canaria

Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria - Puerto de las Nieves in Gran Canaria Canary Islands - Spain. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. Gran Canaria holidays.