Puerto Rico Apartment Rentals - Apartment Rentals in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Spain.

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In the popular resort of Puerto Rico - Southern Gran Canaria, there are lots of Apartments that are available for you to rent for your holiday, in the centre of the resort and on the outskirts in lovely complex's! Whether you want a basic apartment just to lay your head a night or luxurious with an abundance of facilities! They range in size from studio's or one bedroom apartments if there are just the two of you, to three bedroom  apartments that normally sleep up 8 if your taking the family or going in a big group.

Apartments in Gran Canaria, In and around the resort of Puerto Rico come in many different shapes and sizes. 2 bedroom properties are the most common as they are suitable for families and couples. These seem to be the more popular with the holiday makers due to the properties versatility!

The studios, one and two bedroom apartments normally can come in a Hotel Apartment resort, so there are communal facilities and if you don't fancy cooking, more often than not there are Restaurants etc for you to use on the complex! Some even have entertainment on, in the evenings! You can get an apartment on a Half board basis, although most are self-catering and this is what most people prefer about Apartments they have tier own privacy and because they want to explore the island and resort and be out and about in different places the majority of their holiday!

There is also private rentals, which is where people that have bought the property for holiday homes and when they are not there rent out for your exclusive use! These are lovely, normally set in privately owned complexes, where people live! Most come with communal swimming pools too, and these are normally quieter due to this. A word of warning though, these are quiet complex's and normally better for families or older groups than the young partying tourists!!!

In Puerto Rico prices range from €40 per day for a Studio in near the centre of the resort and upwards. You can get deals for the longer you have it, where it becomes cheaper per day! But generally you are looking from €150 per week for a Studio rental and prices vary compared to size, facilities and location!

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Puerto Rico Apartment Rentals - Apartment Rentals in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Spain


Puerto Rico Apartment Rentals - Apartment Rentals in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Spain. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. Gran Canaria holidays.