San Agustin Fiestas Festivals - Fiestas Festivals San Agustin Gran Canaria Spain.

San Agustin Fiestas Festivals

Fiestas Festivals San Agustin Gran Canaria Spain



San Agustin Fiestas & Festivals

Spain and its Islands are famous for its festivals (fiestas) and carnivals, Gran Canaria along with the other Canary Islands is no exception!!  Unfortunately in San Agustin there are not any of the main carnivals and fiestas taking place there, although there are lots of Fiestas / Festivals and Carnivals taking place throughout the year that are close to the resort - I would highly recommend if you are visiting Gran Canaria whilst there is one happening then to go along and join in the fun! Below is a list of a few of the more popular fiestas and the larger one's that happen, also where and when they take place!

Main Festivals

On January 6th is the Dia de los Reyes - Three Holy Kings Day, The Three Holy Kings are celebrated all over the island, and the rest of Spain and the Canary Island, but on Gran Canaria it is celebrated in Agüimes in particular, where the eve of Epiphany is marked by a street parade, during which the Three Wise Men distribute Christmas gifts to the children of the town.

In early February the Fiesta del Almendro en Flor - Festival of Almond Blossom, takes place, when the almond trees are in bloom. Celebrated on a grand scale in the towns of Tejeda and Valsequillo, this festival is also a good opportunity to taste the local produce, such as almond wines and sweets, and to enjoy classic folk dancing and singing.

In February / March is Carnaval,  This is the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival which is the popular festival with the longest tradition in the city. Apart from the inhabitants of the island, thousands of tourists are attracted by the fun and colours of the carnival celebrations. Much of the spectacle of the carnival revolves around the Carnival Queen, who is elected in a grand gala that is held on a night that is considered one of the high points of the carnival. Although mainly in Las Palmas the island capital it takes place almost all over the island!

In March or April usually happens Holy Week,  throughout the Semana Santa you will be able to watch the solemn pre-Easter processions where where sacred icons and religious statues are carried through the streets of many villages and towns throughout the island.

On April 29th the Fiesta de los Aborigines - Fiesta of the Aborigines happens, This feast day marks the final uprising of the Guanches against the Spanish and the annexation of Gran Canaria by the Crown of Castile in 1483, with big ceremonies taking place at Fortaleza Grande near Santa Lucia as well as music and dancing events.

In July, on the 4th to the 24th the Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen is held. The Ports of La Luz and Las Palmas, for the first fortnight in July the fishermen and the residents of La Isleta pay tribute to their Patron Saint. The popular fervour that the Las Palmas city feels for this figure means that all the celebrations are well attended. The larger crowds are seen at the maritime procession held on the 16th of July, an event that fills the streets of this district from the moment that the figure, born on the shoulders of bearers, leaves the parish church to be taken on board a boat for its annual trip around the waters of the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

On September 7th until the 11th the Fiesta del Charco - Festival of the Lagoon takes place. The origins of this fiesta, one of the oldest on Gran Canaria, are not known, but thought to date back to pre-Hispanic times. It is held in Puerto de la Aldea, municipality of San Nicolás de Tolentino. Traditional rituals include villagers wading fully dressed in the lagoon, trying to catch fish with their bare hands and splashing each other with water. There are also wrestling matches and stick-fighting competitions.

There are many more fiestas that happen during the year throughout Gran Canaria, If you are lucky enough to be on holiday when one is taking place then I would highly recommend going along to watch and participate!


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San Agustin Fiestas Festivals - Fiestas Festivals San Agustin Gran Canaria Spain


San Agustin Fiestas Festivals - Fiestas Festivals San Agustin Gran Canaria Spain. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the island of Gran Canaria Canary Islands, Spain. Gran Canaria holidays.