Seville Fiestas, Fiestas in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Seville Fiestas

Fiestas in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Seville Fiestas

As the capital of Andalucia & a great Spanish city Seville's fiestas are among the best in Spain. There are many fiestas throughout its calendar, some larger than others. Below we list some of the most popular events.


Easter week is celebrated in a bigger way in Andalucia than in the rest of the country. Neighbouring towns/cities compete with one another in terms of the size & grandeur of events. Festivities in Seville take the obvious religious undertones, but with processions consisting of many floats & penitents, & much more. The festivities last the full week with events culminating on the Friday with a huge candlelight procession at dawn.

Seville's April Fair takes place two weeks after Easter. Lasting six days this is one of Spain's largest & most colorful fiestas (with around one million people attending), & is almost impossible to miss if staying in the city. Over 1000 marquees are erected on the real de la feria site just outside the city centre. Most of them host events such as live music or dancing & serve alcoholic drinks. Also on site is a huge fairground with a multitude of traditional & up to date fairground attractions. Parades of beautiful horse drawn carriages carrying local girls in full Flamenco dress occur daily (usually at around midday). Another daily happening during fiesta time are the bullfights, with some of the years biggest bullfighting events taking place at Seville's world famous bullring.

Running for 7 days in the month of June is the Corpus Christi celebration. Though celebrated throughout Andalucia events in Seville are among the best. The fiesta begins with a feast day, followed by processions along streets strewn with sweet smelling rosemary & other aromatic herbs. Much street dancing ensues alongside other spectacles.


Precise dates cannot be given for many of the above festivities due to ever changing dates. The best advice we can give for those planning their holiday at fiesta time is to contact the relevant tourist office.

Seville Tourist Office

TEL  +34 954 592915

FAX  +34 954 590919


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Seville Fiestas, Fiestas in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

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