Seville Holidays, Holidays in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Seville Holidays

Holidays in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

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Seville Holidays

As one of Europes premier city break destinations Seville offers its visitors a wealth of attractions, & is suitable to visit during both the summer & winter months. Malaga International Airport (AGP) offers air connections with most major European cities, & the resident Seville Airport offers more in the way of national routes. See Seville Flights for more information/to search for flights.

Seville is also well placed for travel throughout southern Spain via the excellent regional road network; this makes travel between cities & towns by car very easy. There are plenty of opportunities for car hire in the city; see the Seville Car Hire document for more information.

Seville is one of Europe's most magnificent (though not nearly most visited) weekend break destinations. It is packed with historic sights & cultural attractions, though equally a great place to come to relax & dine in a tremendously attractive setting. As the former seat of government in Spain (before Madrid was built for this purpose in the late 16th century) Seville played an important part in the discovery & conquest of the America's. It was therefore the first stop for the resulting treasures, & this is evident all around in the quantity, richness, & splendor of its layout & architecture.

Seville has a well developed tourist trade resulting in a wide range of accommodation options. There are a multitude of good quality & affordable hotels & other rental properties present; these cater from high-end to budget travel requirements. To search for hotels see Seville Hotels; to search for rental accommodation see Seville Apartments.

As the capital of Andalucia fiesta time in Seville is often a spectacular event. These traditional fiestas or festivals cover a wide range of formats, & there are a number to choose from, see Seville Fiestas for more information.

Seville Weather is one of Spain's warmest, holding the crown for Europe's highest recorded temperature. During the summer months (June-September) daily highs can reach 40°C, with nightly lows of 18°C. Though significantly cooler its winters are very mild, with frequent daily highs of 18°C, & nightly lows of around 10°C.

Seville Tourist Office

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FAX  +34 954 590919


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Seville Holidays, Holidays in Seville, Andalucia, Spain, Europe


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