Seville Tourism, Seville Tourist Information, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Seville Tourism

Seville Tourist Information, Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Seville Tourist / Tourism

Seville is one of Europe's most magnificent (though not nearly most visited) weekend break destinations. It is packed with historic sights & cultural attractions, though equally a great place to come to relax & dine in a tremendously attractive setting. As the former seat of government in Spain Seville played an important part in the discovery & conquest of the America's. It was therefore the first stop for the resulting treasures & this is evident all around in the quantity, richness, & splendor of its layout & architecture.

It is difficult to know where to begin when summarising Seville's attractions. However the most visited attraction in the city is it's Cathedral; an imposing structure it is the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world. Another favourite is the Royal Palace (also known as the Alcazar); an ancient Mudejar style palace in the centre of the city. Finally no trip to Seville would be complete without visiting its bull-ring. One of the most famous bull-rings in Spain it is a magnificent construct with a seating capacity of around 14,000.

Another good thing about Seville is it's cuisine. It is widely rumored to be the birthplace of tapas, & so expect to find literally thousands of options at bars & tavernas throughout the city.

Seville Tourist Office

TEL  +34 954 592915

FAX  +34 954 590919


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Seville Tourism, Seville Tourist Information, Andalucia, Spain, Europe


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