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Tenerife History

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Tenerife History

Tenerife has a lot of historical background, there are monuments and museums around the island portraying and describing this for you to visit and see.

Tenerife along with the rest of the Canary islands is the son of Pluton.  The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose from the Atlantic ocean a lot later than the its neighbouring eastern islands. Where as there volcanic development was over twenty million years ago, Tenerife's was between twelve and eight million years ago.

What we now today as Tenerife, it was believed that three million years ago was three islands with the Anaga, Teno and Valle San Lorenzo mountain ranges. The old central volcano and the great mountain range, Cumbre Dorsal, in a fantastically remarkable volcanic process they melted together and became Tenerife! Today this oval crater is at its longest 17km long, it is now known as the greatest collapsed crater in the world (Las Canadas), presumably when the volcano erupted the top of the volcano did not explode but collapsed into its own crater!

In 1909 near the village Santiago del Teide the last volcanic eruption took place. The last stage of volcanic activity in Tenerife took place 500,00 years ago. The first to erupt was the Pico Viejo (old peak) then later the Pico del Tiede, this has a sulphur coat surrounding it's top!

The Spanish conquest happened over 500 years ago, Alonso Fernandez de lugo, the Spanish conqueror arrived at the bay of todays Santa Cruz harbour known then as Anaza.

On the 31st of May 1494, the royal house ordered him to withdraw the last canary natives mainstay. But the Guanches proved themselves as very valiant and bold.

The king of Raoro, Bencomo (today La Orotava) who was known as the mightiest of all nine kings, gathered all his soldiers and enticed the impostors to the Bay of Acentejo. 2,000 fellow citizens of the Spanish crown fell and Alonso Fernandez de Lugo was seriously injured.

Since then the town of this atrocious  massacre is called La Matanza which means the slaughter. Besides the motorway now there today, is a huge stone wall painting with a Guanche sounding the victory signal through a horn in the place where the massacre was held. On the 25th of December of 1495, one and a half years later, after the stench plague which destabilised the Guanches the Spanish crown finally conquered Tenerife.

The extinction of a nation and it's culture was kept secret and always denied for a long time after. Under the order of 'Franco' it was even banned from being allowed to be talked about.

The memory of the last nine Kings was kept alive by Lava made statues at the beach in front of the Basílica,In Candelaria. Unfortunately due to the pass of time and especially the erosion, these statues were corroded and destroyed.

In 1496 the construction of the Metropolis of 'San Cristobal de La Laguna' next to a lagoon as built about seven km away from the bay of 'Añaza'. In 1723 after the victory over the Guancheshe, de lugo changed the government's mandate to the harbour city of Santa Cruz.

The Mysterious Guanches, the natives of Tenerife where known as the boldest and most feared from the canary island inhabitants. They were cavern men and they rid of their deceased people in caves praying for their peaceful rest.

We can affirm the northwest African origin from the rests of mummies.

A little while back a stone was found. There are the symbols 'Z(a)N(a)T(a)' engraved on it, supposedly this has some sort of a connection to the same name with a bereber origin.

There are only theories and speculations of the way the Guanches arrived the first time to the islands.

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Tenerife History - History Tenerife Spain


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