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Canary Islands

Tenerife Tourist Attractions

Tenerife has many places for you to visit whilst you are staying there. There are attractions for everyone, whether you are visiting with Friends or the Family and bringing the Kids! With all resorts within 2 hours of Reina Sofia Airport there is always a variety of things for you to do, depending whether you are planning a relaxing beach holiday or an active holiday, Tenerife caters for everyone!!!

Enjoy the variety of Tenerife's coastline, from your sheltered beaches to windsurfing paradise. The most popular beaches are mainly in the South in and around Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. Tenerife boats 217 miles of shoreline with plunging cliffs in Los Gigantes on the West Coast to the Sandy crescent in the North-eastern town, Las Teresitas. 

Tenerife Apartment Rentals

There are plenty of Holiday Apartments to rent, in the resorts of Tenerife, whether you want a basic apartment just to lay your head for a night or luxurious holiday apartment with plenty of facilities!

If your looking for more of an active holiday there are plenty of places for you to visit and things for you to do! Including the Water parks, of which they are two, Agua Sur and Ocean Park, The Theme park Holiday World, Sioux City - the cowboy park where 'goodies' and the 'baddies' fight for their lives!! The Camel Safari park where you can even take a camel ride! Aqua land with a live dolphin show! Palmitos Park a subtropical garden and aquarium and Mundo Aborigen, here you will find 100 or so model gaunches in various ancient poses! There are plenty of boat trips and various excursions that companies organise around the island including Whale watching and Hot Air ballooning with fantastic views of Mount Tiede.

If you are going for a 'party' holiday no doubt you won't be getting up very early, but don't worry, many of these activities are open late. But if its partying you want then there's no where better then Playa de las Americas, the resort comes to life at night, especially down the infamous Veronica's Strip that's crammed full of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs - the best nightlife on the island! Just south of Playas de las Americas, Los Cristanios is a more sophisticated resort than its playful neighbour! With a more relaxed nightlife, the bars and restaurants are more suited to couples and families.

If your into your Tenerife Water Sports, then the Canary Islands is a brilliant place to go, Tenerife has held the World Championship Windsurfing competition. With several windsurfing and diving school's if your a beginner or want to brush up on your skills you can. It is also ideal for surfing and has  great coves for snorkelling and scuba diving.

If you'd prefer to be flying then there are more than 40 popular take off points on the island - please contact the Tenerife Paragliding school. Telephone number: 0034 922 763857 or 929 309289.

Tenerife NightLife

If its partying you want then there's no where better then Playa de las Americas in Tenerife, the resort comes to life at night, especially down the famous Veronica's Strip the hottest nightlife location in Tenerife

Tenerife has an amazing culture, with their late start in the morning, long breaks for lunch a little siesta, with the family gathering from around 2pm till about 5pm, then back to work until they are back to dining and socialising into the early hours of the morning! Together with their laid back attitude it makes Tenerife a fantastic place either to visit on Holiday or maybe even longer......

Tenerife Zoos

Loro Parque (Zoo / Parrot Park)

The world famous Loro Parque in Tenerife is an amazing Zoo that's definitely world class!!!

Also check out the zoo page for camel riding!

Tenerife Whale Watching

There are plenty of places that do Whale watching in Tenerife all either at Playas de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes. Many leave from Puerto Colon (Port Columbus), Playa de las Americas, this is a lovely beach and worth a visit either before or after you Whale watching adventure!!

Tenerife Museums

Tenerife has many Museums and Art centres, taking you through the history and heritage of the island and showing off the fine art.

Mount Teide Tenerife

Tenerife's Mount Tiede is Spain's highest Summit. The Worlds third largest Volcano that last erupted in 1909. At 3717.91 metres (12198 ft) forms the highest peak in Spanish Territory.

Tenerife Beaches

Tenerife has and array of beautiful beaches and these are what the island are typically most famous for! You should make the most of the islands diverse coastline.

Tenerife Fishing

Tenerife has all year round fishing! Whether you are a regular fisherman or someone that wants to catch your first bite! All ages will love the fishing here in Tenerife!

Tenerife's Black Pyramids

Tenerife has its own pyramids -its official!! Based in the South of Tenerife, Guimar. They are certainly worth a look - and a great day out!!

Tenerife Apartment Rentals

There are plenty of Apartments to rent for your holiday, in the resorts of Tenerife, whether you want a basic apartment just to lay your head a night or luxurious with an abundance of facilities!

Tenerife Gardens

There is enormous variety of plant life on the island of Tenerife, although the south is relatively dry and barren. Many people that visit the island take advantage of the many excursions that are organised to take in the immense Flora and Fauna!

Tenerife Walking

Tenerife is a brilliant place to go walking there are plenty of different 'walks' set out for enthusiasts. With Mount Tiede and National parks, its a brilliant destination for hikers and very popular. If your not a walking enthusiast there are still a lot of tamer walks for you to enjoy at your leisurely stroll!

Jeep & Quad Bike Safaris in Tenerife

If you'd prefer to sit back and relax and still see the whole island then a Jeep safaris is probably more for you! Beginning Puerto Colon you will go straight into the tour! Don't worry the tour guides are extremely sensible and it is not a white knuckle ride this excursion is suitable for all ages.

Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife is a great Holiday destination whatever your age, whether you are with the family or friends - there is a resort here to suit your needs.

Tenerife Ferries

Just because you have chosen to Holiday in Tenerife does not mean that you have to stay there the whole time! Why not visit some of the other beautiful islands in the Canaries?!

Tenerife Gay

Gay and Lesbian sex is legal in Spain, the age of consent is 16 and over. As the same laws in Mainland Spain apply in the Canary Islands it is the same in Tenerife.

Tenerife Useful Information

The following information you may find helpful, I have listed numbers, important information and useful tips that will help make your stay in Tenerife more enjoyable and stress free...

Tenerife Casinos

There are a few Casinos in the main resorts of Tenerife, some based in hotels.

Tenerife Cuisine

Canary Islands local food is a combination of traditional Spanish recipes with an Latin American and African influence. You can get away from the standard Spanish food, and the many tourist-oriented "international" style restaurants.

Tenerife's Campsite

There is only one campsite in Tenerife, Camping Nauta in Canada Blanca, Santa Cruz.

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Tenerife Tourist Attractions

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