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Tenerife Weather

Tenerife's weather, similar to all of the islands in the archipelago of the Canaries has an all year round climate. With the West African coast with its dry and hot climate, just a few kilometres away, even though this is the case Tenerife as do the rest of the Canary Islands experience a 'Spring like' temperature throughout the year.

The South of the Island is definitely warmer and sunnier then the North.  The North is much cooler but a lot more lush green vegetation, but if you are planning on visiting the North and when visiting Mount Tiede take a wind jacket with you in case of rain! Because of the vegetation in the North and equilibrated climate Tenerife is known as 'Island of Eternal Spring'!!

Because of the Passat Winds (Vientos Alisios) and the cold sea current from the north of the Canaries the temperatures can sink in the summer, but in the winter the climate remains mild. But we also have these to thank for the steady all year round climate.

You can find three different cloud climate zones in Tenerife; The Land over the clouds is the greatest temperature changes between night and day and summer and winter, it can be during the day warm and dry but in the evening the temperature ca drop and become much cooler! The Land in the clouds has a higher humidity, higher chance of rain and can be a cooler temperature in the summer! The Land below the clouds is where there is a hot subtropical climate with a lot of sun and sporadic rain!!

But don't worry it never drops below 15C in the cooler periods, it mainly stays at an average level between 20C and 22C and rarely gets higher than 30C on its hottest days!!

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Tenerife Weather - Weather Information Tenerife Spain


Tenerife Weather - Weather Information Tenerife Spain. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Tenerife holidays.